Szabolcs Aranya
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Gold of Szabolcs the apple

Fresh, excellent quality and tasty
Demecser is located in Hungary, in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, between Nyíregyháza and Kisvárda, where we are producing, buying and packaging apples.
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Vitifruct Kft. welcomes you! We are glad that you are interested in our company. Please browse through our website or contact us! Our company has been dealing with fruit and vegetable production and packaging since 2002. We sort our products focussing only on the aspects of best quality, so that we can offer you the best. Please view our products.

For the year-round operation, we have a safe circle of producers, production areas, and orchards, which are provided to us by the members of the FRUCT-TÉSZ Kft. and other partners.

We have been working since 2002
20 years of experience
tangible in our plant is
the modern technology

We love apples

Our services are diverse, which fully satisfy the demands of both the production and the market in the wholesale.
We produce

In our area, the circle of producers, the production areas, and the orchards are available for the safe year-round operation.

We harvest

Fruit harvesting is one of the most important work processes in the fruit growing technology.

We refrigerate and store

The gas-tight insulation of the cold rooms allows the introduction of the SMART FRESH technology, which prolongs the storage of the fruits without the deterioration of quality.

We sort

The apples are sorted according to quality and size using the type MAF RODA water pre-sorting system.

We package

We package our products, sorted on the basis of quality criteria and using today's modern technologies, according to the demands of our partners.

We sell

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

We transport

Our company is also available in the field of transport. We guarantee our products both domestically and internationally.

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Our guaranteed quality apples

We deal with the cooling, storage and warehousing of edible apples, which includes the packaging and the stacking of the products, and making them marketable. We strive to satisfy the demands of our partners with our premium quality apples for 12 months of the year. We are currently the suppliers of several Central European store chains.
Granny Smith
Red Delicious
quality policy
Our company places great emphasis on quality. The fruit is sorted with a water pre-sorting system of the MAF RODA type, we pack the sorted apples on an AWETA machine line, while our bags are packed on a SORMA machine line. Modern technology can be touched in our factory. We are constantly updating our machine fleet, as a result of which the premium quality products of Vitifruct Kft. are safe and can be delivered to consumers with a sophist
Our seasonal products
Seasonal fruits and vegetables, with their fresh taste and nutritional value, offer a unique gastronomic experience at any given time of the year.